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When an immigrant faces suspicion of not having status or that their status has expired, they may end up being held by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of The Department of Homeland Security. A person being held in ICE detention can gain release prior to their hearing, but it has to come through getting out on bond. While getting out on bond doesn’t mean all trouble is averted, it does make a significant difference in quality of life for immigrants and their families leading up to the hearing. Our Sacramento immigration and detention bond lawyers can help. 

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Requesting a Bond

Immigrants must know that ICE judges are not required by law to inform them of their right to request a bond. While some judges will give immigrants this courtesy, it is not guaranteed. Having an attorney who understands the rights of their client can show immediate dividends simply by our lawyer requesting the bond. This means filling out Form I-286. 

Timing is important. An ICE judge has the option of approving the bond request, but then ordering the hearing to take place that same day, or very soon thereafter. The immigrant being detained needs evidence gathered on their behalf. Knowing when sufficient evidence is ready for the hearing is something experienced legal counsel must be ready to advise on. 

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What Happens at a Bond Hearing

Once the I-286 form is filled out, the judge will hear the case for a bond. The ability to demonstrate community ties can be significant in these hearings. The judge wants assurance that the immigrant will indeed return for the hearing if they are released. A person with real connection to the area is considered less likely to try and leave for another city within the United States. 

Along with community ties, judges are also looking for evidence of good character. All of this means that the testimony of family, friends, employers, and colleagues can be crucial. Our Sacramento immigration and detention bond lawyers can help clients put together the most compelling slate of witnesses possible. We’ll also make sure the appropriate paperwork, including a letter of support from the immigrant’s sponsor, is in place. 

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Detention can be a scary time for both the person being held and for all who care about them. They need to know their attorney has their back and is doing the work necessary to get them out on bond. Our clients have that peace of mind because that’s what we do. 

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At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. Our team understands that immigration matters can be very stressful. In fact, many of our employees are immigrants themselves and they have firsthand experience with the U.S. immigration process. 

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