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How a U-Visa May Help You Avoid Deportation
How a U-Visa May Help You Avoid Deportation

At one time, undocumented foreign-born victims of crime and domestic violence in the United States had an impossible choice: endure their situation in silence or seek help from the police and risk deportation. That changed when Republican Senator Spencer Abraham and late ...

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Blog posts in December, 2018

  • 5 Reasons Why We Need Immigrants in The Military

    There was little attention paid at first when the Pentagon began discharging immigrants from the Army. The Associated Press ran a story in July 2018 ...

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  • Consequences of Lying

    It can be tempting to lie about your circumstances if you think it will help you avoid deportation. That may seem like a good idea in the moment, but ...

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  • Be Wary - Immigration Fraud is Real

    Criminal hackers and scammers never miss an opportunity to make money off the misery or confusion of others. Immigration scams have been a problem for ...

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  • Become a Resource for Immigrants

    If you oppose the Trump Administration’s handling of immigrants and their families, there are ways you can help the people being hurt by those ...

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  • Why Some U.S. Immigrants Will Choose to go Hungry

    In September 2018 the Trump Administration proposed new rules that will harm legal immigrants. As a candidate, Donald Trump promised vehemently to ...

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  • I Filed a Petition to Join Family Members in the U.S. Now What?

    The U.S. offers a range of visas to enter the U.S. legally. If you have family members who are here in the U.S. legally they can submit a petition for ...

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  • End Sealing the U.S. Border from the Inside

    The debate over immigration reform focuses on two diametrically opposed policies. Give amnesty to millions already in the U.S. or spend whatever it ...

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  • What Happens in Immigration Court?

    Do you have a hearing in front of an immigration judge soon? The entire process is difficult for most people. If you are limited in using English, it ...

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  • Bringing Family Members to The U.S.

    U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPR) of the United States can petition for certain relatives to obtain a visa to move here. LPRs are ...

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