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Immigrants Need Good Credit, Too
Immigrants Need Good Credit, Too

Often immigrants ask our office about building their credit score. This is often a new thing – especially if they are from a country that operates primarily on cash. There are several steps you can follow to build good credit. If you are authorized to work in the U.S., you ...

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Blog posts in October, 2018

  • What is a Master Calendar?

    If you receive a notice to appear in immigration court, it means one thing – the government has put you in deportation (“removal”) proceedings. Your ...

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  • Are You a Victim of a Crime?

    U.S. government leaders often assert that immigrants commit heinous crimes. The truth is that immigrants commit less crime overall. They are more ...

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  • Immigration Law: Common Defenses If You're Facing Deportation Part 2

    Receiving a notice to appear in immigration court (and facing deportation proceedings) is not only stressful, but depending on your reason for ...

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  • Immigrants and Human Trafficking

    There is special consideration in the U.S. immigration system for victims of human trafficking. You may be able to get a T Visa if you are a victim of ...

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  • 15,000 Cases Later, Immigration Crackdown Taking its Toll

    A federal judge in New Mexico says he is "weary" of an ongoing immigration crackdown. Judge Robert Brack told the L.A. Times that he has “presided ...

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  • Is There a Visa for People With Disabilities?

    Undocumented immigrants with disabilities do not get any special consideration for legal status in the U.S. Even if you are disabled you still must ...

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  • Are You Facing Immigration Court Alone?

    If you or a family member faces removal from the U.S. for your immigration status, you may end up in court alone. Many immigrants in removal ...

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  • Outside the Law: The Real Condition of Immigrant Detention Centers, Part 4

    Shenandoah Valley is a breathtaking section of the Blue Ridge Mountains where they pass through Virginia. A lawsuit against the Shenandoah Valley ...

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  • Detention Centers Turn Detainees into Free Labor: The Real Condition of Immigrant Detention Centers, Part 3

    Detention center operators’ businesses are exploding with Trump Administration immigration policies. They are holding more and more immigrants every ...

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