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When an application for permanent residency status is denied, it can be very difficult on everyone from the applicant themselves to their family, friends, and employer. Uncertainty is introduced into a situation where stability had been sought. But the denial of that application isn’t necessarily final. An immigrant can still seek a I-601 waiver of the denial. The job of a lawyer is to do everything they can to help the applicant get their I-601 approved. 

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Why an Immigration Waiver Might Be Approved

An applicant who has been denied might wonder why their waiver would be approved if the original application wasn’t. There are several good reasons, and they always begin with understanding why the application for a green card was denied in the first place. 

Criminal convictions in someone’s past can be used by immigration authorities to deny a green card application. Witness testimony from those they interact with on a regular basis, from family and friends to work colleagues, could be important. So will the timeframe between the conviction and the application. If a 15-year window has passed, immigration officials may look more favorably on the waiver request. 

False information on the application might be the reason for the denial. But there are reasons for authorities to take a more benevolent view in the waiver hearing. An example might be someone who only misrepresented information because of significant outside pressure to do so. If this can be established in court, officials may revisit the denial. 

Finally, the test of extreme hardship can be used. Will this applicant’s removal from the United States cause extreme hardship to people who are permanent residents? Deporting an applicant who has family responsibilities, from a spouse to children to aged parents, will quite likely cause those people hardship. An attorney must bring forth evidence that will make this clear. 

Other reasons an applicant may have been denied include if they were deemed a threat to national security, if they were identified as a risk of being a public charge (i.e., needing to be on government assistance programs), being unlawfully present, or having prior removals on their record. Each situation is different, and the counsel and approach of our Sacramento immigration waiver lawyers will be uniquely tailored to each client. 

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Everyone has an impact on those around them, and the removal of someone from the United States can be devastating to those close to them. That person, and those that depend on them, deserve someone who will fight for them. That’s why we’re here. 

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