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There are, unfortunately, more than a few reasons why immigrants may be arrested and detained by U.S. Immigration Customs & Enforcement (ICE). Entering the United States without inspection is one reason, and overstaying a visa is another. Perhaps ICE officers made an arrest because of a prior criminal history or failing to follow a deportation order. Whatever the reason, it’s a hard situation for immigrants, their families, and their loved ones to be in, and our Sacramento ICE detention attorneys are determined to help in any way possible. 

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What Happens After an ICE Arrest? 

An immigrant arrested by ICE will have the opportunity to be released on bond (bail), but a bond hearing is something that has to be requested. Being released on bond is still just a first step. A hearing will be scheduled, and a hard reality is that a deportation order could be the outcome of that hearing. 

Deportation Defenses

Everyone’s situation is different, so the defense strategy we recommend will be tailored to each specific case. The most obvious difference will be the reason the person was arrested to begin with. 

What if the reason someone overstayed their visa or declined to comply with a deportation order was that they feared persecution if they returned to their country of origin? The United States allows for asylum requests, so long as it can be shown that the fear is reasonable. 

Invoking extreme hardship is a common defense in most types of immigration cases, and an ICE hearing is no different. This simply means that the removal of this person from their community would cause extreme hardship to permanent residents who remain behind. For this defense to be successful, a lawyer will need to document all that would be suffered — from financial issues to what the person means in the lives of others. Documentation, witness testimony, and an attorney who can be persuasive at a hearing are necessary resources.

Finally, it’s always helpful for immigrants to remember that, in a deportation hearing of any kind, with ICE or otherwise, the burden of proof first lies with the U.S. government to demonstrate why the removal should take place. Only after holding the government accountable to its own standards of proof does a defense have to begin. 

We Can Help

When the future of you or your loved one is on the line at an ICE hearing, make sure you turn to a law firm that understands everything you’re going through, and that to you and your family, this is much more than just another legal dispute. This is about your life. We get that at Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., because we’ve lived it. 

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