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If you have been deemed inadmissible to enter or re-enter the United States, it is strongly advisable that you speak to an experienced immigration attorney. You could potentially be eligible for a number of different immigration waivers that would allow you to enter the country. However, knowing which waiver is the right one for your situation and submitting a winning application may take knowledge of immigration law.

That’s where we come in. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., our team of attorneys and legal associates have years of experience dedicated to helping clients navigate the difficulties of immigration law in California. As your legal representatives, our highly reputable legal team will provide you with caring and knowledgeable legal services to reach the best possible outcome for your immigration case. Call Landerholm Immigration at (510) 491-0291 to discuss your options.

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When Is A Waiver Necessary?

There are unfortunately many instances where the use of an immigration waiver may be considered necessary. Typically, there is only a call for such a waiver if one has been denied entrance or re-entrance to the country after being deemed ineligible under the law.

The reasons why an individual or their family may not be eligible for crossing the border into America could include:

  • the individual was deported or previously removed from the United States
  • an immigrant overstayed their VISA and has been removed or is facing the removal proceedings
  • the immigrant was charged or arrested for a crime

Certain criminal offenses, including robbery and theft, may make an immigrant ineligible for any entrance into the United States unless they have a waiver. However, usually, there is no waiver that can help those charged with specific other criminal offenses, like drug trafficking.

To learn whether an immigration waiver could help your case, please schedule a free evaluation with Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C.

Types Of Immigration Waivers Our Law Firm Handles

At our California law firm, our immigration attorneys can aid you with the application for many types of waivers, including:

  • Criminal Conviction Waiver to Avoid Deportation
  • Fraud or Misrepresentation Waiver
  • Health-Related Inadmissibility Waiver
  • Humanitarian Waiver or Relief from Removal Waiver
  • Unlawful Presence Waiver
  • Waiver of Inadmissibility for Criminal Acts
  • Waiver of Inadmissibility for Non-Immigrants

If you don’t know the difference between a I-601 Waiver, a I-212 Waiver, a 237(a)(1)(H) Waiver, and so on, please do not worry. Your immigration attorney will know what your best legal options are and how to properly apply for them.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With An Immigration Attorney?

When you are denied entrance into the country, you may feel that all hope is lost and that you must accept matters as such. However, this is often simply not the case. There are many legal tools available in immigration cases such as yours which may be able to help you regain eligibility to enter the United States.

What’s frustrating is that immigration laws are constantly changing and keeping up with the reforms can be a full-time job. Fortunately, the legal professionals of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. are well-versed in representing clients in and out of the courtroom with immigration law issues.

Several immigration waivers require that the applicant prove “Extreme Hardship” for the application to be successful. Your attorney could help supply evidence to this effect and improve the chances of a successful waiver process.

Schedule A Free Evaluation With Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C.

The waiver process, like most matters dealing with immigration law, can take a long time to resolve. Additionally, there are often emotional hardships to endure. When going it alone, the waiver process can feel overwhelming, and many people end up paying unnecessary amounts of money in filing costs with little in the way to show for it.

It is highly recommended to seek the legal help of professionals with experience dealing with immigration law and waivers. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. serves clients in Oakland and all over the Bay Area with concerns relating to immigration law disputes. If you or a loved one is facing difficulties with eligibility to legally enter the United States, we may be able to help with the waiver process.

To schedule a free evaluation for your immigration case, please contact our law firm at (510) 491-0291.