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Basics of the T-Visa
Basics of the T-Visa

The T-visa is for immigrants who have been victims of severe human trafficking. Trafficking includes both sex and labor trafficking. Only 5,000 T-visas are issued each year. Basic T-Visa Requirements The requirements for the T-visa are found at INA §101(a)(15)(T). There are ...

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  • U-Visa Adjustment of Status

    The U-visa is a visa for people who have been victims of certain crimes, suffered substantial physical or emotional harm from the incident(s), and who ...

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  • VAWA Waivers

    The Violence against Women Act provides a way for people who have been abused by their lawfully resident spouse, parent, or child, to apply for a ...

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  • Should I apply for a U-Visa or VAWA?

    The U-visa and VAWA have many similarities. Which one is appropriate for your situation involves complex legal analysis, and your case should be ...

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  • Rules for Deriving Citizenship

    What is Derivation of Citizenship? Derivation of citizenship applies to children who are lawful permanent residents, who are under the statutory age, ...

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  • Acquiring and Deriving Citizenship

    Besides naturalization , there are three ways that a child can obtain citizenship: birth in the United States, Acquisition of Citizenship, and ...

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  • Acquisition of Citizenship Rules

    Determining acquisition of citizenship is a four-step process: (1) determine if the parents were married or not (in wedlock or out of wedlock), (2) ...

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  • Including Family Members in Your U-Visa Application

    The U-visa is a powerful tool in immigration law. It is a visa for people who have been victims of crimes, who have suffered substantial physical or ...

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  • The U-Visa and Traveling Abroad

    There are various times during the U-visa process that an applicant may wish to travel abroad. If you filed your U-visa application while in the ...

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  • VAWA Basics

    In family-based immigration cases, the green card process typically begins with a family member petitioning for another family member. Under the ...

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