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No crime victim should be unable to get justice simply because of their immigration status. All of society suffers if an immigrant declines to come forward or cooperate with authorities for fear of being detained. That was the purpose behind Congress creating the “U visa” in 2000. If anyone has been victimized by crime or has information to offer authorities, they should immediately reach out to our Sacramento U visa attorneys for help in getting legal protection. 

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How the U Visa Process Works

If the immigrant was the victim of the crime in question, the first step is reporting it to the police. This is something that should be done with the guidance of an attorney, who will make sure immigrant rights are respected. 

The same goes for immigrants who can report information on a crime. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act is the legislation that created the U Visa, and it is this law that spells out the crimes for which legal protection is available. These include offenses common to the trafficking cartels, including abduction and blackmail. They also include crimes such as domestic violence, rape, and felony assault. 

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Unfortunately, it still won’t be enough to simply be a crime victim or have information. A lawyer will still have to demonstrate that deportation would cause “extreme hardship.” Proving this means showing the impact an immigrant is having of the lives of those around them. The removal of a person who cares for their elderly parents would cause extreme hardship to those parents. The removal of someone who is providing for their family would cause extreme hardship to their spouse and children. 

This extreme hardship has to be demonstrated in court. An experienced attorney will know the documentation that has to be gathered. This can include financial information. It can also include witness testimony. It will have to be shown that the extreme hardship suffered will be by people who are either full United States citizens or permanent residents. Then, the court will need to be persuaded that hardship will not only exist, but that it will meet the intangible definition of “extreme.”

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Proving all that’s required for U visa approval isn’t easy. What it takes is legal counsel that not only understands the process but is deeply invested in the lives of their clients. The attorney that truly cares about their clients may be the most thorough in preparing evidence and the most persuasive in presenting that evidence to the court. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we always care, and we always work hard. We’ll do the same for you and your family. 

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At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams. Our team understands that immigration matters can be very stressful. In fact, many of our employees are immigrants themselves and they have firsthand experience with the U.S. immigration process. 

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