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The Best Offense is a Good Defense
The Best Offense is a Good Defense

The Best Offense is a Good Defense Most immigrants who receive a Notice to Appear go to immigration court on their own. Only 37% of immigrants in general, and 14% of immigrants in detention, have an attorney. Immigration laws are complex, and without a legal advocate they ...

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Blog posts in September, 2018

  • If Im Detained or Deported, Can the Government Take My Money?

    Your immigration status should have no effect on your ownership and access to your money. The U.S. government cannot seize your money simply because ...

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  • Your Right to an Interpreter

    Even if you are in the U.S. without authorization, you have certain rights. You have the right to an interpreter in interviews with immigration ...

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  • What Should I Do if ICE Officers Arrive at My Door?

    Right now, U.S. immigration authorities are aggressive in finding and detaining people who may not be authorized to be in the country. This means you ...

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  • Are You in the U.S. Because of a Lie?

    People in desperate circumstances in other countries are often vulnerable to human traffickers. These are people who may present themselves as someone ...

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  • Proving Persecution for an Asylum Application

    Noncitizens who were subject to persecution, or fear they will be persecuted, in their home country have the right to apply for asylum. This means ...

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  • What is a Bond in Immigration Court?

    When a noncitizen has been detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) he or she may be entitled to pay a bond fee to be released into the ...

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  • Immigration Law: Common Defenses If You're Facing Deportation Part 1

    If you’re facing deportation, you’re going to be worried, anxious, and uncertain about your future. You may even wonder if you have any options, ...

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  • Trump Administration Turning to Military for Help

    With soaring detentions of immigrants, it is predictable the U.S. immigration system is running out of space. Now that the government has created a ...

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  • Finding Immigration Lawyers and Information

    From long-time legal aid offices to brand new organizations, advocates are banding together to help more noncitizens obtain legal representation and ...

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