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ICE Detention: How to Get Your Loved One Out

ICE Detention: How to Get Your Loved One Out

Finding out that a loved one has been detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement can be scary, and getting them out will most likely be your first priority. Before taking the necessary steps to try to get them released, you must first locate them. ICE maintains a database of detained individuals, but it’s not always updated. You might find yourself calling around to local jails as well if your loved one was not taken to an ICE facility. After locating them, there are very specific processes that must be followed to help their release. Keep the following steps in mind:
  • Partner with a lawyer - Working with an experienced immigration lawyer is your best chance of success when trying to get someone released from ICE detention. If the detainee needs medical attention, your lawyer will make sure it is taken care of. Often times you are able to get information from your loved one’s deportation officer, but if he or she is not cooperative, your lawyer will be your best ally here.
  • Inquire about bond - If your loved one is perceived to be a flight risk, they might have a high bond set for their release. Bond is very similar to bail; essentially it is money that must be paid in good faith for the detainee to return to court after their release. It is crucial that your attorney work with ICE regarding bond, because if the bond is too high or the person is considered to be so much of a risk that bond is not allowed, they will advocate for a reasonable bond.
  • Attend a bond hearing - Not every detainee is allowed to have a bond hearing, in which the judge will determine if they can be released or not, but an attorney can help get you one if possible. This is where your immigration attorney can appeal for a lower bond and make a case that your loved one can be trusted to return for their hearing.
  • Complete the process - Assuming your loved one is released from detention, they will be scheduled for a hearing on the Master Calendar along with many other cases. If relief is sought, your case can be moved to an Individual Hearing where the judge will concentrate only on your situation that day.
Remember, it is crucial to work with an immigration lawyer immediately, as he or she is familiar with all of the processes and will work to get your loved one released as soon as possible. If the proper channels are not taken, it could take months of detention before their case is heard. If you have a loved one in ICE detention and need representation, contact Landerholm Immigration right away.

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