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Rules for Deriving Citizenship
Rules for Deriving Citizenship

What is Derivation of Citizenship? Derivation of citizenship applies to children who are lawful permanent residents, who are under the statutory age, and whose parent(s) naturalizes. It does not matter when each event occurs (so long as they all occur under the age of 18). ...

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  • Acquiring and Deriving Citizenship

    Besides naturalization , there are three ways that a child can obtain citizenship: birth in the United States, Acquisition of Citizenship, and ...

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  • Acquisition of Citizenship Rules

    Determining acquisition of citizenship is a four-step process: (1) determine if the parents were married or not (in wedlock or out of wedlock), (2) ...

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  • Naturalization and Good Moral Character

    Naturalization is a way for lawful permanent residents to become United States citizens. One of the basic requirements for a naturalization applicant ...

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  • U.S. Citizenship Oath of Allegiance Ceremony

    Once you’ve passed the naturalization interview, you’ll be scheduled to take the Oath of Allegiance. The Oath may be taken at a USCIS office or a U.S. ...

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  • Naturalization through Lawful Permanent Residency

    What is Naturalization? There are various ways for a foreign national to become a United States Citizen; naturalization, through permanent residency, ...

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  • What to Expect at the N-400 Interview & English Language Exceptions

    After filing the N-400, you’ll receive a notice for a naturalization interview at a USCIS field office. The interview will be conducted in English ...

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  • What is the Process and the Requirements for Naturalization?

    Every year, millions of foreign-born individuals apply to become naturalized citizens, and they make up 44% of the U.S. foreign-born population . ...

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  • Top 5 Reasons for U.S. Citizenship Denial

    The Top 3 Reasons for U.S. Citizenship Denial Between 700,000 and 750,000 people complete naturalizations ceremonies in the U.S. each year, becoming ...

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  • What are the Differences Between Being a Citizen and a Permanent Resident?

    There are significant differences between citizenship and legal permanent resident status, so if you plan to remain in the United States permanently, ...

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