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Key Differences Between a U-visa & a T-Visa
Key Differences Between a U-visa & a T-Visa

The U visa and T visa are both forms of humanitarian relief under U.S. immigration law and are both available for people who have been victims of crimes. Their differences lie in their requirements and the terms of the visas. Basic Requirements There are four primary ...

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Blog posts in U-visa

  • Basics of the T-Visa

    The T-visa is for immigrants who have been victims of severe human trafficking. Trafficking includes both sex and labor trafficking. Only 5,000 ...

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  • U-Visa Adjustment of Status

    The U-visa is a visa for people who have been victims of certain crimes, suffered substantial physical or emotional harm from the incident(s), and who ...

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  • Should I apply for a U-Visa or VAWA?

    The U-visa and VAWA have many similarities. Which one is appropriate for your situation involves complex legal analysis, and your case should be ...

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  • Including Family Members in Your U-Visa Application

    The U-visa is a powerful tool in immigration law. It is a visa for people who have been victims of crimes, who have suffered substantial physical or ...

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  • The U-Visa and Traveling Abroad

    If you have applied for a U-visa, there may come a time when you wish to travel abroad. If you filed your U-visa application while in the United ...

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  • The U-Visa Waivers

    The U-visa is a visa for people who have been victims of crimes. An applicant must show that s/he: Has “suffered substantial physical or mental abuse” ...

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  • What are the Benefits of a U-Visa and How Do You Get One?

    The purpose of the U-visa is to protect immigrants who report crimes. The U-visa can protect victims of domestic violence or other crimes from ...

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  • How a U-Visa May Help You Avoid Deportation

    At one time, undocumented foreign-born victims of crime and domestic violence in the United States had an impossible choice: endure their situation in ...

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  • Victims of Violence and Immigration: What You Need to Know About Qualifying for the​ ​U-Visa

    Being a victim of violence is an overwhelming event for anyone to deal with. Now imagine having to go through pain and healing, all while being afraid ...

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