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Deportation Arrests Overtake Border Arrests

Deportation Arrests Overtake Border Arrests

The Trump administration is reporting that Border Patrol arrests have fallen to a 45-year low, while arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have risen by as much as 43%. During the 2017 federal fiscal year (FFY), which ended September 30, 2017, Border Patrol arrests declined 25% over the prior fiscal year. The 310,351 arrests that Border Patrol made in FFY 2017 is the lowest number of border arrests since 1971. Border arrests are now starting to increase, with most arrests consisting of families and unaccompanied children. Nonetheless, the roughly 226,000 deportations that occurred last year represent a six percent decline over the previous year. What this decrease in deportations in general does not indicate is that interior removals have increased, in part because ICE agents often take custody of immigrants at the border before they are deported. Some claim that Trump’s election may have deterred some immigrants from attempting to cross the border. However, Trump has yet to secure a single dollar of funding for his promised border wall, and the number of Border Patrol agents has continued to decline, even as the Trump administration has sought to increase the overall number agents. The bulk of Border Patrol arrests – up to 58% - were from countries other than Mexico; most of these immigrants come from Central America, including El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Additionally, border arrests have included stops of over 100,000 families and over 48,000 unaccompanied minors. Another 216,000 people were denied entry at various border crossings, seaports, and airports, which is a decrease of 24 percent from the previous fiscal year. With deportation arrests on the rise, the risk of detention has become much greater for all undocumented immigrants. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of detained noncitizens and working toward their release from detention. We know how to evaluate your case, explore your options, and provide you with the strongest defense against removal possible. Contact your California deportation defense attorneystoday and set up an appointment to speak with our legal team.

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