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Immigration Detentions Drastically Increase Under Trump Administration

Immigration Detentions Drastically Increase Under Trump Administration

In the fiscal year prior to Trump taking office, the average number of people held in immigrant detention facilities was 34,376 per day. This number has grown substantially over the past fiscal year, in which that average rose to 38,106 per day. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is requesting that bed capacity in immigration detention centers be increased to over 51,000. Furthermore, many detained immigrants report that they are unable to navigate a system that should allow many of them to be released from detention pending their deportation proceedings. As one immigrant recounts, however, once he was detained, he was not given any information about parole or any other way to be released. Even though he had proof of his identity, had a place to stay with a relative nearby, had serious medical problems, and was not a flight risk, he simply didn’t know how to exercise his rights and even explore his options for being released. As an asylum applicant, the man was entitled to parole, but still spent nine months in detention. A deportation officer told him that his chances of parole were small, at best. Initially, the man received a denial of parole without further explanation. He tried to gather medical documentation to support his bid for parole, but his deportation officer refused to help him get a medical report. As a result, it took nine months for him to be released. In response to this problem, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the International Refugee Assistance Project filed suit, which resulted in a federal judge issuing a preliminary injunction, requiring the detention facility to help detainees explore their options and get parole if eligible. As it turns out, a whole class of asylum applicants has experienced difficulties seeking parole, and the lawsuit continues in order to address this problem. As immigration detention rates continue to rise, you can count on Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., to have the experience that you need when you are facing deportation charges. We are skilled at representing immigrants just like you in immigration court, where we appear on a regular basis. We know how to gather the facts that are relevant to your case, assess your options, and determine whether you have any legal defenses that may enable you to avoid deportation and remain in the United States. Contact the Oakland immigration attorneys at our office today and learn how we potentially can help you and your family through this difficult situation.

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