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CA Seeks Better Oversite of Immigration Consultants

CA Seeks Better Oversite of Immigration Consultants

As immigration issues have come to the forefront over the past year, there have been many complaints about nefarious “immigration consultants” giving immigrants bad legal advice at high prices and similar scams. Bad legal advice can jeopardize an immigrant’s ability to remain in the U.S., so it is essential that immigrants get proper advice, regardless of their situation. Due to the large number of immigrants living in California, there have been a large number of complaints about immigration consultants. Currently, immigration consultants must be vetted and bonded by the state of California. In response, one California State Assembly member has developed a bill, the Immigration Fraud Prevention Act of 2017, which would repeal the existing state law, which created immigration consultants in the first place. In place of the existing law would be a provision that requires all immigration consultants to be supervised by a lawyer or authorized by the federal government. Otherwise, individuals continuing the outlawed consulting practice would face civil and even criminal penalties. The National Notary Association is opposed to the proposed measure as authored by State Assembly member Anna Caballero. They claim that the positive impact of immigration consultants on the immigrant community far outweighs the few negative experiences that consumers have had. Plus, the Association argues, the proposed law would cost thousands to lose their jobs, and immigrants will have no choice but seek to the advice of immigration lawyers, whose fees simply be out of reach for many individuals. While other non-profit groups provide similar services to immigrants, they are the first to admit that their services may not be enough for some people and the circumstances that they are facing. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. is an Oakland immigration law firm who has dedicated their practice to protecting the interests of immigrants who are seeking to remain in the U.S. and facing potential deportation. We are prepared to build the strongest case possible in order to defend you against deportation. Contact us today to set up your legal consultation and discover what assistance we can offer to you and your family.

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