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What Are the First Steps to Take in My Deportation Defense Case?

What Are the First Steps to Take in My Deportation Defense Case?

Whether Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has detained you or a loved one, the first step always should be for your family members to find out where you are detained. ICE will provide you with a Notice to Appear, which is the document that formally charges you with removal. At that time, ICE will make a decision on the your custody status, or whether you can pay a bond in order to be released or not. The next step is to immediately contact an immigration attorney about your deportation case. No matter whether you remained detained without bond or are released on bond with a Notice to Appear, it is essential that your experienced California immigration lawyer meet with you in order to do a complete interview and gather all of the information related to your case. The interview will focus on your criminal history, if any, and your immigration background. You will need to tell your immigration attorney about your current immigration status, how and when you entered the country, how many times you have entered the country or left the country, and any history of deportation. Likewise, your immigration lawyer must know every detail about all of your arrests, no matter how minor or inconsequential an arrest may seem. Try to provide your attorney with the times and places of any arrests, the charges that you faced, the disposition of those charges, and the sentence that you received, etc. It is likely to be helpful if you can give your attorney the contact information for any criminal defense attorneys that represented you in any criminal cases, so that your attorney can review their files. Make sure that you give a copy of the Notice to Appear to your attorney, since it contains important information about your case, including the allegations that form the basis for your deportation and the time and date at which you must appear in immigration court. You also should not sign any documents given to you by ICE. You may not understand what you are signing, and you might inadvertently sign something that adversely affects your deportation case. Therefore, don’t sign anything until you have consulted with your immigration attorney. The Oakland deportation defense attorneys of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., will assist you with all phases of your deportation proceedings, no matter how complex or lengthy. We are ready and willing to investigate your case, assess your situation, and help you choose the strongest defenses that are available to you. Our law firm will focus all of its efforts on defending you and your loved ones in deportation proceedings, and we have the skills and knowledge that will be an essential key to your success in your removal case. Call us today and book a consultation with our California immigration law attorneys.

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