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Can I File for Adjustment of Status?

Can I File for Adjustment of Status?

American immigration laws allow certain qualified immigrants who are already present in the United States to adjust their status to that of a permanent resident, which is also referred to as obtaining a visa or green card, without first returning to their native countries and applying for a visa through the U.S. consulate. While there are many different situations in which adjustment of status might arise, our discussion here is confined to filing for adjustment of status while in the midst of deportation proceedings. Adjustment of status in the context of deportation proceedings has a number of benefits. The potential benefits include the ability to avoid the expense and hassle of returning to one’s native country, the ability to obtain work authorization, and the potential for further judicial review if an immigration judge denies your application. However, in order to successfully file for adjustment of status, you must meet certain criteria. Perhaps most importantly, you must already be eligible for a green card at the time you file for adjustment of status. For example, if you are already married to a US citizen and if you have no immigration or criminal record that disqualifies you, adjustment of status may be the proper course to take when you are placed into deportation proceedings. The fact is that there are quite a number of other factors that potentially can make you ineligible for adjustment of status (or inadmissible to the U.S. in general), including health factors, criminal history, security threats, and prior violations of immigration law. For instance, if you have certain diseases or illnesses, or if you lack certain immunizations, then you might be ineligible for a visa. Similarly, if you have a criminal history or a history of affiliation with terrorist groups or violent gangs, you might be considered a threat to national security, which would make you ineligible for a visa. Furthermore, if you previously have been deported, then you are not likely to be eligible to adjust your status. The deportation defense lawyers of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., pride themselves on aggressively representing the interests of those immigrants who are facing potential deportation by American immigration authorities. Whether you have a legally valid adjustment of status claim or another type of deportation defense, we will diligently gather evidence to support your claim, build a strong case for you, and work to develop a strategy designed to help you remain in the United States and move on with your life. The earlier we can begin our legal representation, the more likely it is that you may prevail in your deportation proceedings. Don’t wait to contact us today and learn what we can do to assist you.

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