Can I Go To College If I Have No Legal Status?

Immigrants without legal status can still attend college in most cases, although there may be restrictions on their ability to do so, at least in a few states, including Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. In most states, colleges and universities set their own policies regarding attendance by undocumented students. As a result, it is very possible for an undocumented immigrant to attend college in the U.S. The biggest deterrent for these immigrants to attend college is the fact that immigrants without legal status do not qualify for federal financial aid. This aid is what many college students depend on to get them through school. However, these immigrants may be eligible for other forms of financial aid in other ways, such as scholarships. In fact, private colleges often have funds available to financially assist undocumented students through scholarships and grants. Some states also make financial assistance available to non-citizen students. It also depends on a particular college’s policies in terms of whether a non-citizen student is charged an in-state resident rate in terms of college tuition, or an out-of-state resident or international student tuition rate. In the state of California, the law allows colleges and universities to offer in-state tuition rates to certain undocumented immigrants who enroll in college. Undocumented students at California colleges also are eligible for state financial aid and scholarships. In fact, several California state campuses have established centers specifically designed to assist undocumented students whose parents brought them to the country illegally, both in terms of college financing and other issues unique to their situation. At Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we care about you and your family, and want to help you preserve your home in the United States, as well as your ability to attend college. We focus our law practice solely on deportation defense cases, which allows us to expend all of our efforts in standing up for the rights of those who are facing potential deportation, including those who are seeking asylum. Our California deportation defense lawyers know how to gather persuasive evidence to support your case and we know all of the procedural ins and outs of the U.S. deportation system. Allow us to handle your deportation case by contacting us today to schedule a time to meet with us right away.

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