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US asylum laws can protect people who face violence because of their sexual orientation under the social group category. A social group is considered to have an immutable characteristic, meaning that it is a trait that cannot be changed or is so fundamental that it should not be changed. Sexual orientation is a recognizable social group for asylum claims. Asylum allows the individual to remain in the United States if it can be proven that they face actual, or serious threats of, persecution due to their LGBTQ status in their home country.

The Oakland asylum attorneys understand the issues that LGBTQ non-citizens face. Whether you or your loved one is seeking asylum or facing deportation, Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C can help – call (510) 756-4468.

Proving an LGBTQ Asylum Claim

One of the most important parts of LGBTQ asylum is establishing membership in the LGBTQ community. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer may want to see proof of sexual reassignment, marriage certificates, membership cards, and sworn affidavits. They will ask questions based on establishing your status in this social group, and specific answers can help to establish your case.

There are two main elements to prove when seeking LGBTQ asylum:

  • The culture of the home country perceives LGBTQ people as a separate group.
  • There is established and clear persecution by the government against those who are LGBTQ.

Courts have previously granted asylum claims from countries such as Albania, Argentina, Indonesia, Jamaica, Morocco, and others. When it comes to asylum, it is recommended to retain an experienced immigration attorney to guide you throughout the process. Every LGBTQ asylum case is unique, and the history of LGBTQ asylum claims for a country has no bearing on the current claim.

Tireless Advocate from Our Immigration Lawyers

The unfortunate reality is that LGBTQ individuals around the world face persecution based on this social identification. When you secure an immigration attorney at Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C for an asylum case, you have a tireless advocate by your side. We understand that this is a serious situation and strive to present your case in a clear and persuasive manner. We are committed to understanding the situation, compiling evidence, interviewing experts and witnesses, and preparing our clients for interviews in immigration court.

Speak with an Oakland asylum law firm today. Contact us at (510) 756-4468.

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