USCIS Expands Services to Facilitate Refugee Processing and Family Reunification

happy mother refugee reunited with child kissing her near fence barbed wire

We're thrilled to announce the reopening of the USCIS international office in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, marking a significant step towards enhancing refugee processing capabilities and facilitating family reunification for individuals already in the United States.

Director Ur M. Jaddou emphasized the importance of this move, stating, "The reopening of the Tegucigalpa Field Office establishes USCIS presence and expertise in a crucial location in the Western Hemisphere. It underscores our commitment to the Biden-Harris administration's initiatives aimed at facilitating safe and orderly legal processes while fulfilling our humanitarian mission."

The Tegucigalpa Local Office, housed within the United States Embassy in Honduras, will now handle various USCIS tasks previously managed by the Consular Section of the U.S. Department of State. This includes conducting interviews and processing applications such as Form I-730 for Refugee/Asylum Family, fingerprinting for T Nonimmigrant Status and U Nonimmigrant Status, VAWA petitions, and vital fraud detection activities like document verification and interviews.

Moreover, the reopening of the USCIS Tegucigalpa Field Office will bolster the U.S. government's efforts to resettle refugees from the Americas, aligning with the objectives outlined in the June 2022 Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection.

To avail of services at the Tegucigalpa office, appointments will be mandatory. USCIS will update its International Immigration Offices web page with comprehensive information regarding the local office's services and appointment scheduling.

This initiative to reopen the USCIS Honduras Field Office is part of a broader strategy to expand USCIS presence beyond the United States, meeting both workload demands and the needs of USCIS partners. With Tegucigalpa becoming the ninth international office of USCIS, it joins other locations in Beijing, Guangzhou, Guatemala City, Havana, Mexico City, Nairobi, New Delhi, and San Salvador.

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