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If you have been NTA’d and you are facing deportation from the United States, you should ask a trustworthy lawyer about “Prosecutorial Discretion.”  Under the Obama administration, there have been guidelines that allow for immigration officials to not deport a person (not prosecute the case) in their discretion, if they are not an “enforcement priority.”

Answer these questions:

Did you enter the US before January 1, 2014?
Do you have no criminal record?
Do you have family ties to the US?
If you answered yes to these three questions, it is worth speaking to a lawyer about the possibility of prosecutorial discretion.

Prosecutorial discretion often means that ICE will agree to stop fighting the case against you.  Please be advised that they could always resume the case at a future date.

Also, prosecutorial discretion does not automatically allow a person to receive work authorization or any other immigration benefit.

For these reasons, it is wise to discuss all of your immigration options with an attorney to see whether or not you may have a more permanent or a more beneficial option available.

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