There are certain motions that can be filed in immigration court that can make all the difference in your case. At the Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we think strategically on your behalf and we enjoy getting creative and fighting for your ability to stay in this country with your loved ones. Sometimes motions, if filed successfully, can make you win your deportation case without having to present an application for asylum or cancellation of removal .

Motions to Suppress: If the government violated your constitutional rights when it arrested or detained or interrogated you, you might be able to move to suppress all evidence of your identity from the court (including the fact that you might be here without authorization). This is not easy to do, but if the facts are particularly harsh in your case (for example if immigration authorities broke into your house without a warrant and without probable cause), then a motion to suppress might be able to win your deportation case and close your immigration proceedings.

Motions to Reopen: If you have already had an immigration court case, and if you lost, you might need to reopen that case in order to apply for new relief or in order to correct a mistake that was made. Also, if you were put into removal proceedings without your knowledge, and a deportation order was entered, you will need to file a motion to reopen based on the fact that you were never properly informed of the proceedings or that you were never properly served with the Notice to Appear. Be very cautious with motions to reopen; they have strict time limits and you only get one of them!

Motions to Reconsider: If you have recently received a removal order, but if you are sure that there was a mistake, or a misevaluation of the law, you can file a motion to reconsider asking the judge to reevaluate his or her decision in light of the error of law.

At the Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., we enjoy implementing motions strategically to your benefit, and we know how to fight your immigration case to help you stay in the United States with your family and loved ones.


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