A Comprehensive Guide to Completing Form I-765: Request for Work Permit

USCIS form I-765 Application for employment authorization

Welcome to Landerholm Immigration APC! I'm Otis Landerholm, the founding attorney, and today we're diving into the intricacies of filling out Form I-765, the Request for Work Permit.

Many individuals may not realize that alongside certain immigration applications, they have the opportunity to request a work permit. Join me as we navigate through this form and ensure you're on track to secure your work authorization.

Understanding Form I-765

Form I-765, commonly known as the Request for Work Permit, is a crucial step for individuals seeking employment authorization in the United States. Whether you're filing as part of a marriage-based Green Card application or another immigration process, it's essential to understand each section of the form to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Locating Form I-765: To access Form I-765, visit uscis.gov/i-765. While the form can be filed online, it's important to note that if you're submitting it alongside your adjustment of status application (Form I-485), online filing may not be an option. In such cases, download the form and review the accompanying instructions carefully.

Filling Out Form I-765: Let's walk through the key sections of Form I-765:

  • Start Here: Indicate if you're represented by an attorney and proceed to Part 1.
  • Part 1: Specify the reason for your application—whether it's an initial request, renewal, or replacement of a lost/damaged work permit.
  • Part 2: Provide personal information, including your name, mailing address, and other names used.
  • Part 3: Enter details such as your Alien Registration Number (if applicable), Social Security information, and consent for disclosure to the Social Security Administration.
  • Part 4: Complete the Biographic Information section, including your family details and country/countries of citizenship.
  • Part 5: Record your arrival and departure records, including your most recent I-94 number and travel history.
  • Part 6: Select your eligibility category carefully. For marriage-based cases, choose Category C9, Adjustment of Status under Section 245(a).
  • Part 7: Confirm your ability to read and understand English (or provide information about your interpreter, if applicable).
  • Part 8: Provide contact information and sign the form.
  • Additional Information: If you're represented by an attorney or utilized an interpreter, ensure their details are accurately provided.


Completing Form I-765 is a critical step in obtaining work authorization in the United States. While this guide offers a comprehensive overview, it's essential to seek legal advice if you encounter any complexities or uncertainties in your immigration journey. At Landerholm Immigration APC, we're here to provide expert guidance and support to ensure your American Dream becomes a reality.

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