We believe in building relationships with our clients, and in doing that, it requires asking a lot of questions. We welcome any questions you can think of. At Landerholm Immigration, we thought it might be helpful to suggest what questions you should be asking your immigration attorney. We hope you choose to work with us, but if you’re not able to, here are the top 5-questions to ask an immigration lawyer.

Are you licensed to practice law and do you specialize in immigration matters?

You will want to work with a licensed legal professional that understands how to handle your particular type of case. Don’t be afraid to ask them about what kinds of immigration cases they have worked on and what the outcomes have been. An immigration law firm and its attorneys will be happy to answer these kinds of questions.

Where are you licensed to practice and are you a member of AILA?

You will want to make sure that the attorney you are working with is licensed to practice law in your state. For example, Landerholm Immigration is licensed in California. You can also ask if they are a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and then confirm that by going to the website and ensure they show up in a search. This association is for immigration lawyers throughout the United States.

How long have you been practicing immigration law?

While we appreciate attorneys who have just gotten into their own legal practice and applaud them for working within the immigration niche, you should work with a law firm that has been doing immigration cases for several years. The reason being, immigration legal matters require particular knowledge and skill sets in order to help people in different types of immigration situations.

Does the law firm have a professional website and reviews?

Immigration attorneys who are committed to practicing immigration law, should have their own website. They shouldn’t have just a facebook page or other social media accounts as their online presence. Also, look for reviews online, or seek out additional information from places like the Better Business Bureau or the State Bar Association your attorney is located in.

Ask about consultations and fees?

Before you hire an immigration attorney, ask them about how they handle their consultations. Are these free? Do they charge? If so, how much is it? Also, you can ask about the fees associated with your particular case. We suggest asking detailed questions like; how much does communication like phone calls and emails cost me? What do you charge for an asylum case like mine? How do you accept funds? Do you offer payment structures? A good immigration lawyer will be totally upfront with you and won’t avoid answering these kinds of questions.

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