The Intensive Supervision of Aliens Program (ISAP) is an alternative to detention program that is designed to closely monitor immigrants who are released into the community.

What does ISAP Involve?

This community-based supervision involves intensive case management, curfews, and electronic monitoring devices, among other tools, which help ensure the immigrant’s compliance with appearances in immigration court for removal proceedings and with removal orders when issued.

ISAP involves government contractors in the monitoring of those immigrants found to be eligible for the ISAP program. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses ISAP in appropriate cases for individuals who are awaiting final dispositions in their removal cases.

Who Qualifies for ISAP?

In order to be eligible for the program, an immigrant typically must be a high risk of committing criminal acts, absconding, or otherwise violating the terms of his or her release, such as failing to report to immigration authorities as required.

About ISAP Today

Nonetheless, Immigrations Customs and Enforcement (ICE) no longer supervises some of the immigrants originally placed in ISAP and does not always re-arrest those immigrants who violate the program’s terms. Additionally, DHS has revealed that over 5,000 of the ISAP participants were either arrested for committing crimes or absconded from the program altogether over a three-year program. The consensus is that the program has been difficult to maintain, both due to the time-consuming, resource-intensive risk assessment used to place immigrants into ISAP, as well as the lack of funding for field offices to re-detain immigrants who were noncompliant with the program.

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