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Credible Fear Interviews

Credible Fear And Reasonable Fear Interviews With Immigration Lawyers In Oakland, California

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If you are scheduled for a “Credible Fear Interview” or a “Reasonable Fear Interview” than you have a small window of opportunity to potentially be eligible to apply for Asylum (or Withholding of Removal if it is a “Reasonable Fear Interview”).

These interviews are the US Immigration Services’ first screening process to make sure that you really have a case that is possibly going to be successful for Asylum / Withholding of Removal.

Remember that if you are seeking Asylum, it means that you are afraid for your life to return to your home country and you are seeking protection from deportation to a country where your life or freedom are in danger. Specifically, to win your case, you’ll need to show that you have a Well-Founded Fear of Persecution on account of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion or your membership in a particular social group.

The “on account of” language can be especially tricky, and it will require showing that the reason or the motivation of the bad guys to harm you is because of one of those five protected grounds mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Asylum cases are NOT easy. Often, when a person first requests asylum, especially at the border, an applicant will go through an initial screening process to determine whether or not there is even a possible case. This process is called the “Credible Fear Interview” or (in the case of withholding of removal) a “Reasonable Fear Interview. 

You want to make sure you are VERY prepared before your interview! It is critical that the interview goes well, otherwise, you will NOT be able to proceed with your asylum / withholding case. In our video here I explain how to prepare for the interview as best as possible.

To prepare a Credible / Reasonable fear interview well requires several meetings with the person who is representing you, practicing how to describe your story, practicing how to explain your fear in relation to asylum law, and understanding the critical details that are important to highlight for the officer.

Every situation is different. Seek the advice of a lawyer if you have questions about how to best strategize your asylum process.

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