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The Immigration NOID: What You Need To Know

Immigration cases can be very complex and receiving notices in the mail might be confusing or scary depending on the situation. One notice that is sometimes sent out to immigrants is called the Notice of Intent to Deny, also called NOID. If you or someone you love has received a NOID, what does this mean for their application and how do they respond? What Is A NOID? This notice can be sent out to people who have applied for several things through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Whether it’s a green card or a work permit, an application sent to USCIS might not be approved. The NOID is a formal notification that they intend to deny the application. Who Might Receive One? An immigration application could get denied for a variety of reasons, and any impending denial will result in the receipt of a NOID by the applicant. Common reasons for denial include having something negative come up on your background check, not having enough evidence to compel the immigration officer to approve your application, or finding that information on your application is false, inaccurate or incomplete. Other times, individuals do not come prepared for an interview or get in trouble with the law after submitting their application. NOIDs can be sent out to those who applied for a U Visa, citizenship, or who file for asylum. How To Respond To A NOID If you receive a NOID it doesn’t automatically mean that your case will be denied. Remember, the document refers to the intent to deny and does not mean that your application has already been rejected. Upon receipt of a NOID, you have 30 days to respond. If you do not contact USCIS at all, it’s a safe assumption that your application will be formally rejected. However, the NOID is your opportunity to respond with more evidence or more information proving why you should be allowed the benefit you are seeking. During this communication with USCIS, it’s imperative that you have a skilled immigration attorney working with you. They will be able to help guide you along the process and provide the best possible outcome for your immigration application. Have you received a NOID and are worried about your future in the United States? The immigration process is complex and can be difficult to navigate, so contact Landerholm Immigration today. We can assist you in responding to your NOID and help to facilitate the application process.

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