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What To Do And What NOT To Do If ICE Agents Show Up At Your Home (Or School, Or Place Of Work…)

Today’s nation is increasingly becoming a place where families are worried about immigration officers coming to their home or workplace. Rather than live in fear, we want to offer some helpful suggestions so that if this instance does occur, you will be prepared and know how to navigate the process. Here’s what to do and what not to do if ICE agents show up: Contact an attorney right away One of the smartest things to do is call an immigration lawyer right away if an ICE agent approaches you. It can be a complex situation to sift through, so make sure you have legal help on your side. Do not allow them to enter your home ICE agents are only allowed lawful entry with a warrant – or with your consent, so do not let them in your place of residence, and let them know that you would like to see a warrant first. If they produce a warrant (which they rarely will), first examine it. Make sure the warrant is signed by a judge and specifically lists someone who resides in your home or a certain area of your home. Exercise silence If you or your family members are being asked questions about their residence in the United States, anything you say can be held against you. Simply state that you are exercising your right to be silent and that you want to speak with an attorney right away. Do not fight or resist them Agents might force their way into your home or workplace even if they do not have an appropriate warrant. Do not attempt to stop their entry or force them to leave. Do not sign any paperwork ICE officials might ask you to sign paperwork while they are there, but do not sign anything without speaking to a lawyer. Any legal document with your signature on it might be something they can use against you if you haven’t carefully reviewed it and made sure it’s ok to sign. Create an emergency plan If you are worried that ICE might show up to your home or work at a moment’s notice, formulate a plan ahead of time. If you are detained, family members should be able to step in and know where to find your children and know who to call to get you released. Has a loved one of yours been detained by ICE and you aren’t sure what to do? Is the rest of your family afraid that they will be confronted and also detained at any moment of the day? At Landerholm Immigration, we fight for your rights and will help you to navigate the complex concept of immigration. Contact us today if you need representation.

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