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If your family member has been stuck in immigration detention for months… and if you have been fighting his case this whole time, it is time to try again to get him or her out of there!

Immigration detention is an awful experience, and we sometimes need every possible argument at our disposal to help your family member regain his or her freedom.

The case Rodriguez v. Robbins allows certain people who are detained in the Ninth Federal Judicial Circuit* to apply for a new bond hearing after they have been detained for six months.  In the new bond hearing, the burden of proof is supposed to be on the government to show:

(1) that your family member is a “danger to the community,”

(2) that he or she is a “flight risk,” and

(3) that the deportation will be executed “imminently.”

If they cannot show these things (they usually can’t), than your family member should be allowed to be released from detention on a reasonable bond.

If you need help securing your loved-one from detention, please call our office today!  We would love to help you!

*The Ninth Circuit oversees the states of California, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Oregon and also Guam.


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