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If your family member is detained by immigration, it can be one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences of immigration law.  The first priority is to get your loved one out, so he or she can be home with the family.

Bonds can help get your family member out!

Some people are eligible to get bonds, some are not, and sometimes we have to fight about bond-eligibility in court.

The law basically divides people into two categories:

(1) People eligible for bond under INA section 236(a),

(2) People subject to “mandatory detention” (and therefore ineligible for bond) under section 236(c).

There are also, especially in the Ninth Circuit, “Rodriguez” Bonds, which are a way to challenge prolonged detention (detention over six months).

If your loved-one is detained and if you want to be released on bond, please contact our office.  We would love to help you determine whether or not you are bond eligible, and we would love to fight your case!

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