Get Your Loved One Out

If your loved one is detained by ICE, or has been given an ICE hold, he or she may be eligible for a bond to get out of custody.

How do immigration bonds work? If bond is granted, family members can post the bond amount to the local office of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) which in San Francisco is located at 630 Sansome St. 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94111.

Bond hearings in Immigration Court: If bond is not initially granted, you may still be eligible to request a bond hearing before an immigration judge. You normally get only one opportunity for a bond hearing, so it is best to prepare in advance with your attorney. At the bond hearing, the judge will take the foreign national’s testimony and ask questions about two things (1) whether he or she is a danger to the community, and (2) whether or not he or she is a flight risk (a risk of running away to avoid immigration proceedings).

If bond is granted and posted, the foreign national will be allowed to return home to continue with his or her immigration court proceedings. If he or she complies with the entire immigration process, he or she will be eligible to get the bond money back.


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