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Oakland Immigration Law Firm for Detained Consultations:

If your family member was recently detained by US immigration officers, the best first step is often to send a law office out to visit him or her in the detention facility.  Lawyers and staff normally have better access to detainees than family members do!  We can help by sending a member of our team to give a full legal analysis of your loved-one’s situation, to determine which options are available to him or her!

There are many options available!  Do NOT sign deportation!  Now is your opportunity to fight the case and to try to put your immigration problems behind you once and for all!

A detained consultation service includes the following services:

(1) A member of our team will drive out to the detention facility where your family member or loved one is detained.

(2) A member of our team will give that person will listen to their whole story, and will take excellent notes with regard to the facts of the case.

(3) The Attorneys in the office will meet to go over the facts of the case and to develop a legal strategy.

(4) You and your family can come into our office to discuss the strategy with the attorneys, to get to know how we work our cases, and to answer any and all questions that you might have about the law or the process.

Remember, immigration laws are very complex and they are often changing; get the help of an excellent law firm that stays on top of the law and who knows how to use the laws in your favor!

Ask us about the pricing of a detained consultation. Call to schedule your evaluation today!


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