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An application for Cancellation of Removal is essentially a statement that “even though I may be ‘deportable’ under the laws, please don’t deport me today because I am eligible under one of the specific laws passed by Congress.” If the judge agrees, not only will you be allowed to stay in the U.S., but you will actually be allowed to either keep or apply for permanent residence (a Green Card)!

If you are facing deportation, you need to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer to discuss all of your options under the law. When you go to court for cancellation of removal, the process is similar to a criminal trial, which means you will need to argue the facts of your case before a judge. Because this process is very complicated, it is crucial to have a seasoned lawyer on your side.

Cancellation of Removal includes the following laws:

  • 42A Cancellation of Removal for permanent residents
  • 42B Cancellation of Removal for certain nonpermanent residents
  • VAWA Cancellation of Removal for certain victims of abuse
  • Old 212(c) cases
  • Old (Pre-1997) suspension of deportation
  • Special rule cancellation under NACARA, HRIFA, and others

Things to Consider About Cancellation of Removal

  • Removal Proceedings: Cancelation of Removal is only available to people already in removal proceedings.
  • Eligibility: Even if you meet the basic statutory requirements, it does not necessarily mean you will be eligible for cancellation of removal. You can apply for cancellation of removal as either a legal permanent resident or a non-legal permanent resident. The process for non-legal permanent residents is more complicated because you will have to prove you have a qualifying family member who will suffer extreme and unusual hardship if you are deported.
  • Time: Cancellation of removal is a long and slow moving process due to the major backlog in the immigration courts. You may have to wait for quite a while before your trial is scheduled.

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