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What is Expedited Removal and How Can I Avoid It?

What is Expedited Removal and How Can I Avoid It?

Expedited removal is a procedure under federal immigration law that allows immigration officers to quickly deport certain immigrants from the U.S., including those who are undocumented or who have committed fraud or misrepresentation. Traditionally, immigration officials have used the expedited removal process to deport individuals who arrive at the U.S. border or who entered the U.S. without authorization and are detained within two weeks of entry and within 100 miles of either the Mexican or Canadian borders. Now, however, the Trump administration has ordered that immigration orders significantly expand the use of expedited removal. When an immigration officer decides to place you into the expedited removal process, you are not entitled to a regular court hearing before an immigration judge. Essentially, the immigration officer acts as both prosecutor and judge in a swift removal procedure that rarely allows an individual to gather evidence on his or her behalf or consult with a family member or attorney about his or options. As a result, expedited removal makes it much more likely that people will be erroneously deported, which can directly lead to injury or death. Furthermore, an increase in expedited removal may cause asylum-seekers to be deported rather than given a chance to apply for asylum. Perhaps most importantly, if you become subject to an expedited removal order, you may be unable to return to the U.S. for at least five years, and in some cases, for the rest of your life. While you are not entitled to due process protections when an immigration officer seeks to use the expedited removal process, you can try to avoid an expedited removal order by following these suggestions: ·Don’t admit or agree to an expedited removal order. You will not be able to challenge your removal once you return to your native country, and you risk being inadmissible to the U.S. forever. ·Stay calm and respectful, and always tell the truth. ·Be prepared to present supporting documents if you are trying to enter the U.S. as a visitor, such as a return airline ticket or bank account statement. ·Consider asking to withdraw your application for admission, which can avoid an expedited removal order. ·Do not refuse answer questions, remain silent, or tell lies to the immigration officer. ·Be careful about what you carry with you when you attempt to enter the U.S., because immigration officials can search anything that you have with you, including your cell phone and laptop computer. ·You will be asked to give a sworn statement of facts surrounding your situation. However, do not sign or initial the sworn statement until you have had the opportunity to read it or have it read to you. Everything in your statement should be true. As you fight for your rights while detained or during deportation proceedings, we are dedicated to providing you with the essential legal advice that you need in this situation. We are here to represent your interests before the immigration court and appeal any adverse decisions, if warranted. We devote all of our efforts to advocating on behalf of you and your family before the immigration court. Don’t hesitate to contact the Bay Area immigration lawyersof Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., and set up your legal consultation today. We are here to help

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