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What Kind of Emergency Plan Should I Have in Case of an Immigration Raid?

What Kind of Emergency Plan Should I Have in Case of an Immigration Raid?

Under the Trump administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun conducting regular raids throughout the United States in order to enforce immigration laws by detaining undocumented immigrants. Although many raids focus on a particular class of immigrants, such as gang members or traffickers, undocumented immigrants who are not involved in criminal activity also have been detained in these raids as collateral damage. Since the risk of being caught up in an immigration raid now is much greater, you should have a comprehensive emergency plan in place to protect your property and your family in the event that you are detained by immigration agents. You should keep your personal documents in a safe place where a family member or friend can access them. These documents should include any immigration documents that you have and documents related to any arrests or criminal convictions that you have. You also should carry certain information with you at all times, including contact information for your family members and close friends, school information for your children, and important medical information, such as contact information for your treating doctors and medication information, including name and dosage amounts. You may even want to sign a HIPAA form that gives a loved one access to your medical information in order to communicate with your doctors and meet your medical needs. You also can sign a power of attorney form that gives another person the power to handle your finances in the event that you are detained. Next, you should make plans for your children in the event that you are detained. Identify a person who can care for your children if you are detained, and make sure that he or she has contact information for your children’s schools, any medical conditions that the children have or medications that they take, any allergies and the prescribed treatment, and emergency contact information for other family members. You should keep your children’s important information in a safe place that your chosen caretaker can easily access, including medical records, school records, and birth certificates. You also may want to speak with an attorney about legal documents that would allow your child’s caretaker to make decisions and care for your child if you are detained. Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., knows federal immigration law and has the experience to guide you and advocate on your behalf throughout any type of deportation proceeding, no matter what the allegations may be. We are familiar with the wide range of defenses that are available to individuals facing deportation, and how to build the strongest defense that is available to you, based on the evidence relevant to your case. Contact your California deportation defense lawyers today, and discover what we can do for you.

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