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What If I Am Assaulted In a Detention center?

What If I Am Assaulted In a Detention center?

Immigrant detention centers are not happy places. They are often controlled by private prisons, and there are many complaints about conditions inside. So what happens if a person is assaulted, brutalized or victimized while in immigration detention? There are American laws to protect immigrants in detention centers from violations of their civil rights, including abuse and mistreatment. When immigrants enter the Immigration and Customs Enforcement system (ICE) they are supposed to receive information about how to report grievances, and they have a right to request that they receive the information in their own language. Even if the ICE agents or employees fail to provide the grievance information it does not change detainees’ rights. ICE has a long, detailed set of detention standards that it is supposed to follow. If you are being harmed in any way or subjected to terrible conditions such as inedible food or lack of prompt medical care you can file a written report to get the mistreatment investigated. According to the National Immigration Rights Project you should keep a written record of all abuse or detention condition violations. Be sure to add the date of each incident and the immigration or jail officers who may be involved. Your complaint will be stronger if you can provide details. You will need to fill out a complaint form. You can request one from the detention center or you can complete one online at You have the right to submit your complaint to the Office of Inspector General. You can mail it to: Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties U.S. Department of Homeland Security Building 410, Mail Stop #0190 Washington, D.C. 20528 You can also email or call the Office of Inspector General Phone: 202-401-1474 | 1-866-644-8360 (toll free) TTY: 202-401-0470 | 1-866-644-8361 (toll free) Fax: 202-401-4708 E-mail: If you or a loved one are currently detained by ICE, please contact our deportation defense attorneys at Landerholm Immigration, APC at (510) 756-4468. We are here to help!

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