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CA Becomes Heart of Trump Resistance

CA Becomes Heart of Trump Resistance

The state of California, with the power of Hollywood and Silicon Valley behind it, has long been a large economic center for the nation, making up 13% of the nation’s gross domestic product. It also been a longstanding political power for the left; during the presidential election, Hillary Clinton trounced Donald Trump by a margin of more than four million votes. It is no surprise, then, that California’s powerful and liberal political leaders at the federal level have been among the first in the nation to mobilize against Trump’s immigration agenda, including mounting resistance to Trump’s proposed attorney general. Furthermore, since more than 40% of California’s population is Hispanic, the state is likely to feel a major impact from any new immigration policies that arise as a result of the new administration. Similarly, state political leaders, including the state’s attorney general and secretary of state, stand ready to oppose any of Trump’s immigration policies that would adversely affect California’s growing immigrant population. Many California mayors also have publicly announced their pledge to oppose aggressive immigration enforcement. For example, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has vowed to retain the city’s status as a sanctuary city, and has taken steps to assist immigrants facing deportation proceedings by setting up a legal fund on their behalf. In any case, local and state governmental officials intend to use all tools available under the California state and U.S. Constitution to defend their actions opposing immigration policy, including the expansion of voting rights. Given the current atmosphere, it is likely that the country’s largest state and the federal government could face off on all different issues along the political spectrum. Interestingly, it may be states’ rights, a favorite issue of the GOP, on which California bases many of its actions to oppose the federal government. It is our goal to protect you against deportation using whatever defensive actions apply to you. As a result, we devote all of our efforts to advocating on behalf of you and your family before the immigration court. Don’t hesitate to contact the Bay Area immigration lawyers of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., and set up your free evaluation today. We are here to help.

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