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Can I Be Deported if I Used to Participate in a Gang?

Can I Be Deported if I Used to Participate in a Gang?

Given the nature of most federal immigration laws, it should be no surprise that gang activity can be a basis for deportation of non-citizens from the United States. However, the unfortunate reality is that former gang members or individuals who have never been involved with a gang at all sometimes find themselves charged with deportation on the basis of gang membership or activities. For instance, certain neighborhoods may be subject to gang injunctions, which are restraining orders that prosecutors seek in order to curtail gang activity in certain areas. All too often, non-gang members living in those neighborhoods may end up being lumped in with the local gang. Immigration officials deem other individuals as gang-related because they have relatives or close friends who engage in gang activity, which amounts to guilt by association. These individuals’ names may show up in federal or state gang databases, and it can be hard to convince immigration authorities that they no longer – or never even did – belong on those lists. As a result of these loose gang affiliations, many immigrants are reluctant to apply for immigration relief that may be available to them under recent changes in immigration policies and laws. This reluctance stems from the fear that they will end up charged with removal due to former gang ties, or alleged gang ties that never existed in the first place. This means that the policies meant to help immigrant children and families, at least in this respect, are not as successful as they could be, and will not draw in even those individuals who are clearly eligible for certain types of immigration relief. Deportation is a scary thought, especially after you have worked so hard to leave the problems of your native country behind and build a new life for yourself and your family in the United States. We are here to help defend you from deportation, no matter what the allegations against you may involve. Contact your immigration law attorneys at Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., today, at (510) 756-4468. We will immediately set up a consultation for you to meet with our staff, discuss your situation, and start building your case. Para Espanol haz click aqui!

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