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Three Reasons That You Need a Deportation Defense Attorney

Three Reasons That You Need a Deportation Defense Attorney

While many individuals may resist hiring an immigration attorney for their deportation hearings due to finances or a lack of knowledge, getting the help of an experienced deportation defense attorney can be essential to avoiding your physical removal from the country. Deportation can permanently remove you from your life in the United States with your family. Given the high stakes involved, you cannot afford to not have a strong legal representative on your side. First, realize that immigration laws are extremely complex and ever-changing. It is very difficult to wind your way through the maze of deportation proceedings without the specialized knowledge that only an immigration attorney can offer you. Rather than struggle through it on your own, take advantage of the experience and skills that you need in this type of situation. Next, you have certain rights that only an immigration attorney can advise you of and protect. Even if you grasp the basics of U.S. immigration law, you still are unlikely to be aware of all of your rights and the potential defenses in your case. It is up to you to bring up any defenses that you have to deportation. Without someone to protect your rights and raise these defenses on your behalf, you are unlikely to succeed in defending yourself against removal. Finally, in addition to a lack of legal knowledge, you also may be facing language or cultural barriers as you appear in immigration court. Although translator is provided, it still may be difficult for you to follow the legal proceedings without the assistance of an attorney. The Oakland deportation defense attorneys of Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C., will assist you with all phases of your deportation proceedings, no matter how complex or lengthy. We are ready and willing to investigate your case, assess your situation, and help you choose the strongest defenses that are available to you. Our law firm will focus all of its efforts on defending you and your loved ones in deportation proceedings, and we have the skills and knowledge that will be an essential key to your success in your removal case. Call us today and arrange a free initial appointment with our California immigration law attorneys.

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