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What One U Visa Applicant Did While Awaiting Approval - In Her Own Words!

What One U Visa Applicant Did While Awaiting Approval - In Her Own Words!

The following article was written by one of our awesome clients on her experience with the U-Visa. We hope you find it useful! I found myself with a free plane ticket and 10 days to leave the United States. It was 2012 and I was laid off from my corporate job! The immigration fate of an immigrant on a H1B Visa, upon a layoff, is a clear grey area even to this day. Career plans slapped in my face, I was convinced that I had no choice but to leave the country, as I was "told" by the company's attorneys. I thought my only option was to leave the life I built in the US over 9 years, legally! In other words, I lost it ALL, or so I thought! I drove 2700 miles from Indiana to California in search of opportunity, refusing to give up. Having met my attorney, Otis Landerholm, made it all worth it, among many other reasons! It changed my life in a way that I could have never imagined! Landerholm immigration listened to my story. I mean really listened and pointed out that I was left with one last resort! It was applying for a U visa. Yes. I qualified to apply as I was a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence during my student years. I spent the last two years preparing and waiting for my U visa, with no legal right to work, on food stamps, and no proper healthcare, despite my degrees in Mechanical Engineering! Immigration law said I can't work but it never said I couldn't make a difference in the world! So, that is just what I did. Today, I have my work Authorization, am the author of Victim to Warrior - 10 Vital Phases to Transform Your Life, and the founder of the Victim to Warrior, empowerment fashion brand that gifts to victims of sexual assault, through the Empower Another Movement. I also tumbled upon true love (Yes. It exists!), found God, and am living my life's true purpose! As a result of the peace of mind and encouragement I received from Landerholm immigration, I was able to give birth to a socially conscious brand to empower others! I would like to dedicate the Empower Another Movement to Landerholm Immigration; especially to Otis Landerholm, and Norma Nungaray for fighting for my American Dream alongside me. You guys helped me not just to get back what I lost but also, to discover my undiscovered potential! THANK YOU! ~Shelli De Silva~

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