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Two Big Wins!

Two Big Wins!

We had two big victories this week! First, our client from Somalia got a phone call in the early 2000s informing her that her mother was looking for her. Confused, she didn't think much of it, but as time went on, she kept getting contacts from friends and through the Internet saying that her real mother was trying to find her. Our client agreed to speak over the phone, where she learned that she had been switched at birth by the midwife who delivered her. The midwife kept it a secret until she was on her deathbed in the early 2000s when she told the secret to the mom. Our client flew to Ethiopia where her mom is living. They met in person and formed a relationship. Afterward, our client wanted to bring her mother to the United States. She hired our office to help with the case. We submitted an I-130 petition for her mother, and we ended up getting DNA lab testing to prove that she was indeed the biological mother. We sent all this evidence to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) and on Tuesday this week (after approximately 8 months) the USCIS APPROVED THE PETITION! Congratulations to our client and her mother! The second win resulted when a mother came to us very nervous after her son's DACA application was denied by USCIS. A "notario" (a non-licensed immigration consultant) had put the application together but completely failed to include any of the required documentation along with the application. USCIS denied the application, and the family came to us asking for help. We took the case, gathered all of the documentation - which the family had very well organized - and resubmitted the case to USCIS with a thorough explanation of what had happened in the case. This week, we got the approval notice along with the work permit for her son! Congratulations!

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