Although it was a long wait with lots of obstacles in the end everything worked out. It was very good to work with the team  was. They were there for me no matter what and I thank you very much for your hard work and dedication towards my case Thank you all and God bless you.

Santiago G. G.


Thank you very much for all your help. It was very pleasant having your team on our side. God bless your team!

Sofia y Fransisco S.


Thank you very much for the help! The legal process was explained very properly and in great detail. We are very happy and satisfied with the service. After more than 20 years we can finally travel to our home country. Thank you very much for the help.

Felix Guzman


From the first appointment with Mr. Otis, we knew that we had found the right place to complete the entire legal process. We felt a warm, honest and welcoming environment which is why we hold high respect for the entire team. There is no doubt that the team is focused and pays special attention to their clients; which is the reason I am recommending the firm to individuals who are dealing with the same legal process. Thank you very much for being so effective, responsible and honest.

Rolando C.


Well this has been a long wait, but we did it for Kevin, all of you have made it possible for us. The thing I like the most is your honesty with every question we asked on what to do and not to say like in Ciudad Juarez, which was a little bit of a long process, but we did it! As Kevin described it “boring,” but once again it was all made possible with your help. We have and will continue to support you guys here at Landerholm Immigration, and we have already spread the word. Thank you for bringing Kevin Home to us after 10 years.

Maritza Calderon

We want to thank attorney Otis Landerholm for being able to take our “American Dream.” It took time to get to this point, but ever since we met Otis that in some way with his professionalism we would obtain our US Residency. I know that Otis is very dedicated and professional in his work and I would recommend him to anyone – my wife and I have a lot of faith in him. Otis is true and respectful to his line of work.

Nefi M.


My name is Nelson Melgar and Landerholm Immigration APC really helped me out with my residence renewal and they were really helpful with everything.     

Nelson Melgar

untitledPOST ASYLUM INTERVIEW CONFIDENCE!                                           

Thank you to all of our clients who have put their trust in us, especially those that believe in our work before we hear the final results of their cases. Here we have Natalie – she is a great, long-time and loyal client that has stood with us every step of the way.  Thank you for believing in us and for your appreciation!



I just want to thank you, and I hope we will see each other in the near future.

Edgardo B.


I am very thankful for the help I have received from all of your team, you’re the people that have changed my life, my family’s, especially my wife. Thank you for everything you did while I was in incarcerated, I thank you from the bottom of my Heart.

Jose Ariel M.

untitledI am infinitely thankful for the great work in my case by this office – including the friendly treatment and respectfulness always given to me. They always resolved my concerns, and at all times I was given attention to my opinions in explaining my case to quickly find a resolution for my case. Thank you again because my life starting today will be very different for my family.

Heriberto H.


Landerholm Immigration has been there every step of the way, to ensure success in my case – from receiving Advanced Parole as a DACA recipient to a Resident. I am filled with joy that a new journey will commence. Tough challenges can be present within your case, but with perseverance and a knowledgeable team behind you makes it tough to lose!

Irving V.


Thank you for all your help in my immigration case!

Askin C.


Landerholm Immigration was so helpful and professional. They really changed my family’s life for the better. I was shocked at how fast the process was. I will definitely refer Landerholm Immigration. Thank you all so much.

Caroline Flores


The staff was extremely professional and I am glad we chose Landerholm to handle our case.

Astrid Henriquez

balicFirst time when I came to this office, I was hoping these guys could help me with my case. I was scared, crying, I didn’t want to go back to my country. I wanted to stay here in United States, and thanks to God and my great lawyer Hector Vega, who helped me most of the time in getting it done, and on time. I would like to say he is the best lawyer in the world. Thank you Hector, and the rest of your people for taking care of me. Best service in CA. You guys are the best.

– Removal of Conditions – New Green Card holder from Bosnia

Sedina Balic

archerIt has been a great journey with Landerholm Immigration, everything went well, and they always kept us updated, from the medical exam to the interview process at the embassy. Took us 9 months to finally get to the U.S. – everything was processed very well, very approachable staff and the best quality of service. We would definitely recommend Landerholm Immigration to friends and family!

– Marriage Based Green Card – New Green Card holder from the Phillipines

Daniel & Arlyn Archer

“I recommend Landerholm Immigration to anyone seeking a team of good lawyers. They can fight for your American Dream! Thanks to Landerholm Immigration, I’m not illegal! I will continue to work with Landerholm Immigration over the years, and I will work with them when it’s time to re-apply for my green card and when I apply to become a U.S. citizen.”

John K. (New Green Card Holder)

“Mi experiencia como cliente con Otis Landerholm fue muy grata. Sr. Landerholm es una persona que atiende a sus clientes con mucha educación y cortesía. Durante el tiempo que duró mi caso por asilo político, él siempre fue muy claro en su información hacía mí como su cliente y siempre me sentí muy confortable en todas mis visitas. El personal que trabaja a su cargo es muy eficiente y atento.”

Daniel M. (New Green Card Holder)

“Overall, I enjoyed a great experience with all staff and attorneys. The attorneys and staff at Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. are very knowledgeable and paid attention to detail and addressed all concerns with great precision. All appointments and follow up were up to date with no cancellations. Thank you so much and yes, I would recommend this firm to friends and family alike. Great job.”

Milagros A., (New U.S. Citizen)

“Gracias al abogado Otis y su equipo de colaboradores por ayudarme en este caso de mis hijas. Todos los problemas inconvenientes que se presentaron – ellos los resolvieron pronto y eficazmente. El cobro no me pareció tan alto y me dieron todas las facilidades de pago. Todo el personal es muy atento y amigable que se olvida uno que esta con abogados. En mi caso personal, yo me he sentido con ellos como si los conociera de muchos años. Me dieron un trato de amigos, asi es como yo me senti en las oficinas del abogado Otis. Tengo un caso mas pendiente aqui en un próximo futuro, y él va a seguir siendo mi abogado. Yo en lo personal, se los recomiendo aqui. Pueden llevar su caso con toda confianza.”

Florentino S. (New US Citizen)

“Me siento muy contenta con la atención prestada y mucha eficiencia. Los recomiendo por su honestidad. Estoy muy contenta y por ser asi les doy el caso de ciudadania americana de mi hija que por no tener los papeles requeridos no se ha podido dar curso. Pero apenas me lleguen se los enviaré para comenzar. Gracias les doy nuevamente por su trabajo.”

Olga S. (Urgent Visa Extension)

“From the very first day, I was very worried for my case. Because I didn’t know anything about the U.S. law. Also, my ex-husband wanted to still be with me, I was in a horrible situation every day but Mr. Otis listened to my story very carefully, also my paralegal was taking care of my case deeply.

And I didn’t expected that my case would be done so quickly. Someone try to get permanent residence by themselves but when I saw the lots of documents, I was feeling I was right. Landerholm Immigration was the right choice.

I don’t know how to say thank you for all staff. Really appreciate for everything, and I will enjoy the life in the U.S. from now on!… with my new family.

Thank you very much,

P.S. Sorry for my English skill. Still studying!”

Yuki K. (New Permanent Green Card Holder)

“Primeramente gracias a Landerholm Immigration por su ayuda, apoyo y seguridad. Nuestro caso era un poco especial pero no imposible, pero fue una experiencia no tan común pero lo mejor que pudimos hacer es: decir realmente la verdad y ser honestos, y así es más fácil que el caso pueda ganarse.

Gracias por el apoyo y seguridad en nuestro caso.”

Atte. Familia Rivera (New Green Card Holders)

“El abogado me explico perfectamente mi caso. Ellos se contactaban conmigo cada que necesitaban algún documento para mi caso. También cada mes me mandaban cartas de notificacion avisándome cada paso de lo que hacían. En la oficina, todos fueron amables conmigo. Tuve una buena experiencia con este equipo de trabajo. Les agradezco mucho por ayudarme y ahora ya tengo mi residencia. Dios los bendiga a todos y sigan ayudando a más personas.”

Leydi C. 6/1/2015 (New Green Card Holder)

“We really enjoyed working with this Law Office. Really nice job. Thanks to Hector!”

Z.E. 6/23/2015 (New Asylee)

“I came to Otis through a Google search. From the beginning Norma treated me with kindness and efficiency. Otis is perfection in a lawyer; concerned, interested and compassionate. He takes the time to explain everything with simple language. Jazmin and Norberto went out of their way to accommodate me and make me feel special. We succeeded in getting my Green Card even though it was a complex case. Thank you all! You are the best.”

Regina P. 6/10/2015 (New Green Card Holder)

“I am so pleased with the legal service of Landerholm Immigration. Otis guided me in my process in a very efficient and clear way. I presented my DACA case to other lawyer, but my case was wrongly presented, and it was denied by Immigration. After I came to Otis and presented all the necessary documentation, my case was considered and approved. I am also very happy with Otis because the price of his service was affordable, and I was always informed about the process.”

Manuel S. 6/11/2015 (New DACA Recipient)

IMG_2521“Fue una experiencia muy buena. Empezamos en San Francisco y luego se movio a Oakland y Otis fue muy claro en sus explicaciones del caso. Paso todo lo que nos dijo desde el primer dia. Hector Vega se tomo el tiempo de llamar a la embajada de Guatemala y acelero el proceso. Daniel fue muy atento contestando el teléfono, fue un caso muy bueno, gracias a todo el equipo de abogados.”

Karina Garcia 9/14/15 (New Green Card Holder)

Teresa Gil“I had an excellent experience and I am thankful for the work because it was very fast.”

Teresa Gil 10/26/15 (Green Card Renewal)


Very amazing experience, if you want someone to help you along the way you can rely on this office to be with you the whole journey.

Oshri Eliyahu

Jei GillamunA victim of a crime committed by a fellow Filipino, my struggles were overwhelming to the extent of tremendous depressions and frustrations. Landerholm Law Office stood out from my website search and true to this date, the attorney helped me out in my American Dream! Through patient and perseverance, Attorney Otis Landerholm with his staff made all the process possible.

I cannot THANK them enough, it was my JOURNEY to who and what I am now, that PEACE OF MIND an individual needs to have a happy life was finally achieved.

SALAMAT PO – Thank you as spoken in my native language the Philippines! Mabuhay – Long Live Landerholm Immigration.

Jei Guillamun

Jim JacobsOver the past two years, my husband and I worked with Otis Landerholm and his team of highly qualified professionals to successfully process our application for a Green Card. Before Otis submitted our application he investigated the complicated specifics of our case, including checking Roberto’s fingerprints with the FBI. He always knew exactly what to expect and how to address each situation. Otis is very personable and always treated us warmly and with the highest respect.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Landerholm Immigration.

Jim Jacobs & Roberto Nolasco

Baigalmaa SodnomThank you so much for all your help. You were really good to me and my family. Congratulations for your amazing team! Thanks a lot Otis!

Baigalmaa Sodnom

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