Carla V. Martinez – Receptionist

With the change of political leadership and the growing fear of deportation among many immigrant communities, it is essential to familiarize our immigrants with their rights, options, and resources around them. As the daughter and former sponsor of two immigrant parents who were able to obtain permanent residence recently, working with immigrants is something that matters to me. Our immigrants face many struggles. Arriving in a new country, learning a new language, leaving your loved ones in their home countries, and adapting to different lifestyles is not easy. At the same time, immigrants are essential assets in our communities by bringing their cultures, foods, languages, ambitions, and faith in our American dream.

I’m excited of joining this team because I love working with families and being able to be an asset by using my bilingual skills to better help families communicate their needs and concerns with me depending on the language they feel most comfortable with. I’ve developed interpersonal skills needed to effectively assist clients from a variety of backgrounds and gained awareness of many social barriers often faced by my clients with my previous experience working in highly diverse schools, non-profit organizations, and communities. I also earned a BA in Sociology at St. Mary’s College of California which has given me experience of applying sociological knowledge as I’ve engage with the community. The process is stressful for many immigrants, but I hope that with my experience, familiarity with the process as a sponsor, and my qualities to be able to offer the best service to make it easier for them. I want clients to experience the same feelings of relief and happiness that both my parents and I had when they finally got their approval notice.


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