Study Shows No Link Between Immigrants and Crime

May 27 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

In the few short weeks since he officially took office, Trump has made good on his campaign promise to remove immigrants from the U.S. who are increasing crime in the U.S. He spoke of the “tens of thousands” of criminal immigrants being released into American communities, thus necessitating the construction of a wall on the … Continue reading “Study Shows No Link Between Immigrants and Crime”

Future of DACA Remains Unclear

May 26 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

Under the Obama administration, a 2012 federal program protects roughly 700,000 individuals who came to the country as immigrant children from removal on a temporary basis. Now, with the establishment of an administration that has vowed to crack down on illegal immigration, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has an uncertain future. Even … Continue reading “Future of DACA Remains Unclear”

CA Democrats Seek to Make Entire State Sanctuary for Immigrants

May 25 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

Democrats in the California Senate have called for legislation establishing California as the first state to become a so-called “sanctuary state.” Currently, some cities and counties hold themselves out as sanctuary communities, meaning that their local law enforcement officials do not cooperate with federal immigration officials in most instances. Several of California’s largest cities already … Continue reading “CA Democrats Seek to Make Entire State Sanctuary for Immigrants”

Social Media Hoaxes Feed Fear of Deportation

May 24 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

While social media can be an excellent way to disseminate information quickly to a large number of people, it is also notorious for spreading rumors that later prove to be false. One recent example concerns a social media hoax involving immigration checkpoints set up in Los Angeles in order to commit mass deportations. More specifically, … Continue reading “Social Media Hoaxes Feed Fear of Deportation”

L.A. Times Estimates Eight Million People Could Be Deported

May 23 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

Through a series of executive orders issued during his first week in office, Trump effectively removed most of the limitations on who should and could be deported. Under the Obama administration, only about 1.4 million immigrants were considered priorities for removal, including recently arrived immigrants, repeat violators of immigration laws, and immigrants with substantial criminal … Continue reading “L.A. Times Estimates Eight Million People Could Be Deported”

Facts on California Immigrants

May 22 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, the state of California is home to more than 10 million immigrants. In 2015, 27% of the state’s population consisted of individuals born outside of the United States, which is about twice the percentage of the rest of the U.S. In fact, in eight California counties, more … Continue reading “Facts on California Immigrants”

Executive Order Strips Federal Privacy Protections From Immigrants

May 21 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

Amidst all of the controversy and media attention directed at Trump’s first travel ban, many have missed a provision in one of his executive orders that removed federal privacy protections from many immigrants. The resulting fear is that the same personal information that immigrants freely provided the federal government during the Obama administration will now … Continue reading “Executive Order Strips Federal Privacy Protections From Immigrants”

Santa Clara County Mobilizes for Legal Action Against Executive Order

May 20 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

The local government leaders of Santa Clara County have approved the filing of a lawsuit against Trump over his executive orders related to immigration. The Board of Supervisors have been anticipating this move since Trump announced his intention to withhold federal funding from state and local government entities that choose not to comply with federal … Continue reading “Santa Clara County Mobilizes for Legal Action Against Executive Order”

San Francisco Files Suit Over Sanctuary City Order

May 19 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

San Francisco was the first city to file suit against Trump challenging the constitutional of his order withholding federal funding for sanctuary cities, allegedly in the name of public safety. In the suit, the city requests an injunction preventing implementation of Trump’s order. San Francisco normally receives about $1.2 billion in federal funding, but it … Continue reading “San Francisco Files Suit Over Sanctuary City Order”

CA Legislators Explore Immigration Options to Fight Trump

May 18 , 2017  |  Landerholm Immigration Law

Immigration advocates and legislators across the state of California have taken quick steps to address and hopefully minimize the impact of many of Trump’s new actions on immigration. Whether resorting to legal action challenging Trump policies or working to resolve other immigration problems that Trump has not yet addressed, California politicians and activists will pose … Continue reading “CA Legislators Explore Immigration Options to Fight Trump”

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